For the time of its existence we have managed to develop strong relationships in terms of delivery with many industrial enterprises working in the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad.
A wide range combined with the European quality of products allow for the development of business relationships in various industrial areas. 


the best QUALITY

All the products pass through a necessary quality control procedure and are subject to mandatory certification. The procedures in place makes it possible to manufacture the products of the European quality at a reasonable price as well as to reduce the time for manufacture.

of our projects

The plant serially produces mining equipment for oil&gas recovery:
1. X-mas tree, injection tree, wellhead equipment. X-mas tree is intended for controlling the operating medium flow in a well pipeline and annular space, for casing string piping and tubing string suspension, sealing flowing (gaslift) wells, conducting manufacturing processes, operating medium flow plugging.
2. Casing head. Slip-type casing head where the casing string is fixed on a slip-type pipe holder, provides for sealing the annular space with the help of upper and lower packer sealers (the devices intended for separating the annular space and isolating the interior space of the operating string from the well medium action).
3. Gate valves with the sealing “metal-on-metal” are applied as a locking device as part of blowout and wellhead equipment of flowing and injection well. 


Quality results with us

Well medium — oil, gas, gas condensate with the content of mechanical admixtures up to 25 mg/l, local water up to 95% on the volume;
Operating pressure MPa (psi): 21 (3,000), 35 (5,000), 70 (10,000), 105 (15,000);
Nominal width, mm (in): 52 (2 1/16), 65 (2 9/16), 80 (3 1/16), 100 (4 1/16).
Ambient temperature from -60 °C to +45 °C; Operating medium temperature up to +120 °C;
Corrosion-resistant version: non-corrosive, corrosive; Material class under API 6 A: AA, BB, DD, EE.